Taste and see that the Lord is good! 


Autopsy of a Dead Church

It Ain’t No Cake Walk

Strange Fire

Everyone Wants To Be A Star

Discerning Women

Hezekiah’s Prayer

The Sun Began to Shine

Don’t Touch This

Faces (poem)

Jesus is Coming to Town (song)

Little Things (poem)

Dare To Be A Deborah

Monster in the Church

Don’t Worship the Messenger

It’s Time To File For A Divorce

Drop The Banana

Satan Comes To Church

Check Your Ego At The Door

Priscilla…Woman, Wife, Preacher of the Gospel

Come Back

Through the Brokenness

Strange Fire

The Messenger is the Same, the Message has Changed

There’s a Storm Coming

The Potter’s House

I Never Knew You

Are You Walking With Jesus or Dancing With The Devil

Cracked Pots

The Devil is a Copycat

Too Busy Being Busy

Just Keep Walkin’

Love Should Never Hurt

Bitter and Sweet Waters

My Favorite Heroines of the Bible

Can You Really Drink From His Cup

He Declares His Father’s Name

I Don’t Want Your Useless Sacrifices

Angels of Light

Remember Me

The Whole World’s a Play and You’re the Star

Is There no Balm in Gilead

Are You ‘In’ or Are You ‘Out’

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

Deborah, God’s Leading Lady

Jezebel, the Woman You Love to Hate


Left Behind-Poem

Smoke and Mirrors

Woman Sit Down and Be Quiet

Godly Women (And Men)

The Gospel Will Bring Division

Stitching Up The Veil

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

An Old Rugged Cross Was His Throne

Some Things I’ve Learned

Keeping Safe What is Important to You

A New City-Song

New City sang by Gary Pitts

Is Anyone More Holy Than Another

Don’t Believe Everything you Hear and Don’t Take Everything to Heart

Tears Fell From Heaven-Poem

Recipe for Living

Murder in the Church

Faith Healers or Faith Killers

Judge Not! Touch Not!

Healing Your Hidden Wounds


Doing the Hokey Pokey

Let The Dead Bury The Dead

They Refuse To See Till They Are Blind

My Beloved Speaks

An Aroma Pleasing to God

Modern Day Proverbs 31 Woman

Playing the Blame Game

Mary Magdalene, Disciple or Prostitute

Loose Him and Let Him Go

The Cross-Poem

Goats and Sheep

Searching for the Fountain of Youth

Three Nails, Thorns and a Tree

Dying to Self

The Strange Woman

Searching for a Grateful Heart

Stop Pumping Them Up

God Uses Unlikely People

You Never Cry Alone

The Only Bible-Poem

Accept the Lamb or Face the Lion

I’m a Kept Woman

If You Don’t Like The Message, Don’t Kill The Messenger

Taking the Promised

Why Rahab

Unseen Chains

Jesus Has Left The Building

On Angels’ Wings-Poem about my Mother

Prostituting the Gospel

You Can’t Catch Holiness

Unmasking the Mask

Sunday’s Coming

The Word Became Flesh

The Real Meaning of the Book of Malachi

The Blood and the Water

The Beautiful Love of Jesus

Pecking Order (Marriage God’s Way)

My Beloved

Making Sin Sweet

Jesus Declares His Father’s Name

Jacob’s Tithe

He is the ‘I Am’

Highest Bidder-Poem


Close to the Cross but Far From the Blood

Christ and Marriage (The Mystery)

Break Camp and Move Out

Friendly Fire

Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh

Bethesda “house of kindness, grace, and mercy”

All That and a Bag of Chips

Extravagant Worship